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October 26, 2012

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MKM Diamonds, Inc. Files Motion to Add Wells Fargo in 

      March 3, 2010

    A “Motion for Leave to File Second Amended Complaint”was 
 filed Friday 2-26-2010 to the CMKM Diamonds, Inc. petition in Case # 
 A-538649 asking the Court to allow the Company to add Wells Fargo, 
 Stacy Ewing, Securities Transfer Agents Medallion Program
     (STAMP), First Global Stock Transfer, LLC, and Helen 
 Bagley as Doe and Roe Defendants. Wells Fargo was one of the 
 depository institutions for John Edwards at the time Edwards was selling 
 illegally obtained stock.  Our investigation has revealed that an officer of 
 Wells Fargo assisted Edwards in obtaining medallion guaranteed signature 
 stamps on a large number of blank documents. These documents were 
 then used as supporting documents given to our transfer agent to have 
 stock issued and in some cases transferred to Edwards, or companies 
 under his control. Edwards Illegal activities occurred at a time that our 
 own transfer agent was receiving cash payments described as loans. 
 Banking records indicate that Edwards also maintained investment 
 accounts at Wells Fargo during this time period. STAMP is a 
 program approved by the Securities Transfer Association that enables 
 participating financial institutions to guarantee signatures. The Medallion 
 programs ensure that the individual signing the certificate or stock power is 
 in fact the registered owner as it appears on the stock certificate or stock 
 power.  The failure of Wells Fargo and STAMP to train and 
 supervise those individuals that administer the medallion signature stamps 
 made it possible for John Edwards and others to dilute the company and 
 obtain several hundred billion illegally issued shares to be sold to the 
 public. By comparing the average trading price on the day these illegally 
 issued shares were transferred into the Edwards' accounts, shares so 
 transferred and ultimately sold by Edwards totaled an estimated $57 
 million dollars.

    Safe Harbor Statement:

 This news release contains certain "forward-looking statements" within the 
 meaning of Section 27a of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21e of 
 the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. Although the Company believes the 
 expectations reflected in such forward-looking statements are reasonable, 
 it can provide no assurance that actual results will meet or exceed such 


    Kevin West
 CMKM Diamonds Inc. 

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    CMKM Diamonds, Inc. Announces New 
 Joint Venture


 July 03, 2009

 CMKM Diamonds, Inc. announces the completion of an agreement with 
 101047025 Saskatchewan Ltd. (“1010”). This agreement is part of an 
 overall settlement of a lawsuit brought by Entourage Mining Ltd. (
 “Entourage”)  against both CMKM and 1010 under Action No. 5075800 
 in the Supreme Court of British Columbia (the “Entourage Lawsuit”).  As 
 a term of the overall settlement, Entourage will consent to a dismissal of 
 the Entourage Lawsuit against both CMKM and 1010, as if it had been 
 heard on its merits and dismissed.

 Under the overall settlement of the Entourage Lawsuit, 1010, CMKM, 
 and Entourage agreed to cancel and terminate the previous agreement 
 between CMKM, 1010, and Entourage that was dated October 20, 
 2005 (the “2005 Agreement”), with respect to certain mineral claims in 
 Saskatchewan that are owned by 1010.  In consideration of that dismissal, 
 CMKM will return to Entourage 3 million of the 4.5 million Entourage 
 shares that it acquired under the original agreement, and Entourage has 
 given up all claims or rights to the remaining mineral claims, all of which are 
 owned by 1010. CMKM also returned the remaining 1.5 million shares 
 back to Entourage for a payment from Entourage of $85,000. 

 Under their new agreement, CMKM and 1010 will form a new company 
 (“New Corp.”) to explore the remaining mineral claims that were the 
 subject matter of the 2005 Agreement. These remaining claims have 
 produced core samples that were drilled by 1010 in late 2005 and early 
 2006 and have yet to be tested. The New Corp will, in turn, form a joint 
 venture with 1010 to explore and develop the remaining mineral claims. 
 1010 will be the sole Operator of the new joint venture and will continue 
 to be the sole owner of the remaining mineral claims.  However, the New 
 Corp. will have the right to acquire those remaining claims owned by 1010 
 by incurring expenditures for exploration, drilling and development on the 
 claims in a cumulative amount that will be no less than four million dollars 
 during the first five years.  CMKM is solely responsible for raising no less 
 than 80% of these funds for the New Corp. and 1010 is solely responsible 
 for raising no less than the remaining 20% of these funds for the New 

 1010 will hold total voting control of the New Corp. The authorized 
 capital of the New Corp will consist of Class A voting common shares, 
 without any right to dividends or capital, except that the said Class A 
 common shares will, on a winding up or dissolution, be entitled to 
 repayment of capital paid therefore, and Class B non-voting common 
 shares, with rights to payment of dividends and capital. Eighty million 
 Class B common shares will be allotted and issued to CMKM. Twenty 
 million Class B common shares and ten thousand Class A common shares 
 will be allotted and issued to 1010.   CMKM will thus be entitled to 80% 
 of profits earned by the New Corp.

 CMKM Diamonds CEO Mark Faulk stated “This joint venture agreement 
 is another step in our ongoing efforts to return viable assets to CMKM 
 Diamonds. Rights to the remaining claims were retained because they 
 showed the greatest potential for diamonds. Many shareholders originally 
 invested in CMKM because of this potential, and we believe it is in the 
 best interest of Company and its shareholders to pursue this opportunity to 
 benefit from any real value in the remaining claims. The New Corp intends 
 to begin testing on existing core samples from the remaining claims in the 
 very near future.” 

 Safe Harbor Statement:

 This news release contains certain "forward-looking statements" within the 
 meaning of Section 27a of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21e of 
 the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. Although the Company believes the 
 expectations reflected in such forward-looking statements are reasonable, 
 it can provide no assurance that actual results will meet or exceed such 
 CMKM Diamonds Inc. 


 CMKM Diamonds Appoints Mark Faulk as 
 New CEO

 September 11, 2008 

 Tyler, TX. CMKM Diamonds, Inc.  CEO and Chairman of the Board 
 Kevin West announced today that Mark Faulk has been named as the 
 new CEO and President of CMKM Diamonds, Inc., effectively 
 immediately. Faulk is a nationally recognized advocate for stock market 
 reform, and has performed extensive research on CMKM Diamonds in 
 the process of writing “The Naked Truth: Investing in the Stock Play of a 
 Lifetime.” Kevin West will remain with the Company as Chairman of the 
 Board, and will continue to assist in all aspects of Company business.

 Mr. Faulk stated: “I am honored to have been chosen to lead the 
 Company as we move forward to return assets and value to CMKM 
 Diamonds. I have spent the past five years advocating reform in our 
 financial system, and this new challenge will allow me to put that 
 knowledge to work in a practical way that will benefit CMKM and its 
 loyal shareholders. Kevin West and general counsel Bill Frizzell have 
 worked tirelessly on behalf of the Company, and their efforts should be 
 applauded by all CMKM shareholders.”

 “This is not a passing of the baton, it is instead simply reinforcing the 
 troops,” Faulk continued. “With the newly appointed Advisory Committee 
 and Board of Directors, the Company has laid a strong foundation that is 
 capable of meeting any challenges that CMKM may face. My immediate 
 goal is to continue to add to that base, which will allow the Company to 
 become even more aggressive in their legal battles and widen the scope of 
 their efforts.” 

 Faulk also said, “In the very near future, we plan to announce the 
 expansion of our legal team to maximize our efforts to return real value to 
 CMKM Diamonds. We are also in the process of filling positions for a 
 Research Committee to aid the Company in its efforts. I intend to continue 
 West’s plans to utilize CMKM’s greatest asset, which is its extensive and 
 knowledgeable shareholder base. There is truly strength in numbers. While 
 we intend to keep the door open for those who wish to negotiate 
 settlements to atone for their actions against the Company, we will move 
 forward aggressively in our legal efforts.”

 Chairman Kevin West states, “I want to thank the newly appointed Board 
 of Directors and the Advisory Committee for their help, recommendations, 
 and unanimous decision to select Mark Faulk as the new leader of this 
 Company. I believe this is a high point in this Company’s history and Mr. 
 Faulk is the most qualified person to take over the leadership role and 
 move CMKM to the next level. I look forward to working with our new 
 team as we continue to grow in strength and numbers.”

 Faulk also announced his resignation as CEO of Togi Entertainment, Inc., 
 and wants to thank those who he has worked so closely with over the past 
 two years. In order to avoid any conflicts of interest, The Faulking Truth 
 Show on Toginet.com will no longer be aired. Co-hosts DeWayne Reeves 
 and Mark Faulk will do one final show this Friday from 8:30-10 AM CST 
 on www.toginet.com to discuss Faulk’s hiring, and will take calls from 
 shareholders for the last half of the show. The toll free caller number is 

 Faulk also intends to conduct a monthly CEO radio chat in order to keep 
 shareholders informed about current developments, and to answer 
 questions that shareholders may have about the Company’s activities. 
 Also, a new Company phone line will be set up in the very near future, and 
 will be posted on the company website. The Company requests that all 
 phone calls be directed to the new company phone line so that legal 
 counsel can maximize their time and efforts on the task at hand. 

 CMKM also announced that, in addition to the new CEO and Research 
 Committee, they are currently in negotiations to add several attorneys to 
 the legal team to assist General Counsel Bill Frizzell in his actions on behalf 
 of the Company. 

 CMKM Diamonds Inc., Tyler 
 Kevin West


    CMKM Diamonds, Inc. Appoints New 
 Board of Directors’ Members 

 August 14, 2008 

 Tyler, TX. CMKM Diamonds, Inc. CEO and Chairman of the Board 
 Kevin West announced today that shareholders Stan Polsom, Tom 
 Stephenson, and Roger Summers have been named to the Company’s 
 Board of Directors. With the recommendation of the newly formed 
 advisory committee, the Company is now in negotiations with an individual 
 to take over the leadership role as Chief Executive Officer. Kevin West 
 will remain as the Chairman of the Board. 

 Mr. West stated, “We will continue to forge ahead as we are determined 
 to show our loyal shareholders and the entire business world that this 
 Company will not only survive through the difficult times, but in the end it 
 will flourish.” Mr. West continued, “Regardless of what many will say, we 
 still believe after all this time that our shareholders are our biggest 

 Roger Summers served eleven years as a US Navy Hospital Corpsman 
 stationed with 1st BN Fourth Marines, and at the Naval School of Health 
 Sciences in San Diego as clinical coordinator. He is currently president of 
 OG Advisors LLC., providing subcontracted Corporate Due Diligence, 
 Asset Tracking, and Investigations. Summers is also a clinical instructor in 
 Radiography for a nationally-known medical institute.

 Summers said, “Having been a shareholder of CMKM Diamonds since 
 March 2004, I am pleased to step forward and join the fight to reclaim 
 what is ours. This company has faced many obstacles since Mr. West has 
 taken over, yet he and our Corporate Counsel, Bill Frizzell, have met 
 every challenge with courage, dedication and veracity. Together we will 
 work to return legitimacy to this company by building upon the foundation 
 laid by their efforts. I am honored to serve the shareholders of CMKM in 
 building a viable, profitable business.”

 Tom Stephenson brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with public 
 companies.  Tom is a successful private businessman and understands 
 what must be achieved to bring us credibility and longevity. His extensive 
 20 year background in the field of Information Technology will assist the 
 Company in many of the diverse and complex undertakings it is in the 
 process of resolving. 

 Stephenson stated, “Our role as a team is to effectively represent and 
 promote the interests of all shareholders with a view to adding long term 
 value to the Company's shares.  We are all committed and prepared to 
 make any personal sacrifices to ensure that we fulfill that role. We intend 
 to fulfill our goals by any and all means necessary and with honesty and 

 Stan Polsom brings a diverse background to CMKM Diamonds. He has a 
 degree in Business Administration along with seven years experience in 
 contract law and accounting, specializing in internal audits and control. 
 Polsom has over a decade of training in the petroleum industry, and has 
 been a successful developer and contractor for the past forty two years. 
 Polsom stated, “I will do my best to make sure that we as shareholders 
 receive the justice that we deserve for all of the hard work that has been 
 done. We are standing up for what we believe in, and we are going to fight 
 to see that nobody is allowed to just walk over us.”

 CMKM was recently awarded a $33,675,365 judgment in a Nevada 
 District Court against former company insider John Edwards. The 
 Company plans to announce the appointment of their new CEO in the 
 very near future and is rapidly moving forward with efforts to recover 
 assets stolen from the Company and its shareholders. 

 CMKM Diamonds Inc., Tyler 
 Kevin West 903-262-8397



    CMKM Diamonds, Inc. Awarded a 
 $33,675,365 Judgment; Begins Search for a 
 New Chairman 

 July 8, 2008 

 Tyler, TX. On July 1, 2008 CMKM Diamonds, Inc. was awarded a 
 $33,675,365 judgment in a Nevada District Court against one of the 
 former insiders of the Company, John Edwards.  Mr. Edwards was 
 labeled as one of the two “masterminds” of the scheme to defraud 
 investors of over $64 million in a lawsuit filed on April 7, 2008 by the 
 Securities and Exchange Commission. 

 The Company also announced today that it has begun the process of 
 searching for a new Chairman. Current CEO and Chairman, Kevin West, 
 stated “I am very pleased with the progress being made through the 
 Company’s litigation. It is time to begin the search for someone with the 
 business experience that is needed to move the Company forward.” 

 Mr. West is currently appointing a seven member, shareholder based,
  “Advisory Committee” to help with this process. “Among many other 
 qualities, the person we are looking for will be someone who can see the 
 value of having a shareholder base of over 40,000 people from all over 
 the world”, stated Mr. West.  A new link has been added to the 
 Company’s website at www.cmkmdiamondsinc.com for the submission of 
 resumes to be considered for this position. Shareholders are encouraged 
 to direct qualified prospects to this link. 

 CMKM Diamonds Inc., Tyler 
 Kevin West 903-262-8397 


    CMKM Diamonds, Inc. Continues to Try 
 and Identify Shareholders 

 June 9, 2008

 Tyler, TX. In our efforts to continue to try to identify all of the 
 shareholders of CMKM Diamonds, Inc. stock, current management of the 
 Company would like to point investors that have been unable to procure 
 physical stock certificates from their brokers to the UnShareholder.com 

 www.UnShareholder.com is launching today to help identify the magnitude 
 of individual investors unable to obtain stock ownership certificates and 
 who perhaps inadvertently purchased illegal “naked short” or “phantom” 
 electronic “entitlements” instead of actual shares.  The scope of settlement 
 failures in general has become a hot debate.

 Commonly referred to as the “naked short selling” problem, the real 
 damage is caused by stock lending and settlement failures.* Of course, the 
 end result is the same: an investor makes a payment but has no actual 
 investment. That investor is not a “shareholder” because they don’t own 
 shares. Instead, they are an UnShareholder. 

 According to the website: If you requested a stock certificate from your 
 broker and have not received it, you are an UnShareholder. If your 
 brokerage account was changed to delete the shares of a company that 
 you didn’t agree is “worthless”, you are an UnShareholder. If you 
 received a 1099 with “non-qualifying dividends” when you believed you 
 owned regular shares, you are probably an UnShareholder too.

 Attorney Al Hodges states, “The UnShareholder site has been developed 
 and established by the Pasadena, California law firm of Hodges and 
 Associates in an attempt to document the nature and depth of the 
 UnShareholder problem as well as to identify individual investors whom 
 have in good faith purchased publicly traded shares of stock but, for all the 
 wrong and illegal reasons, are not entitled to receive them nor to enjoy all 
 the indicia of ownership”.

      *Stock lending is closely associated with short selling and 
      settlement failure refers to the problem of sellers not 
      delivering shares on the settlement date. Naked short selling 
      is when stock is sold short and not borrowed for delivery on 
      the settlement date.


 CMKM Diamonds Inc., Tyler 
 Kevin West 903-262-8397

 Hodges and Associates
 Al Hodges


    CMKM Diamonds, Inc. Files Lawsuit 
 and Wins Restraining Order Against 
 Former Insiders

 May 2, 2007

 Tyler, TX.  As mentioned in the previous press release of 4-20-07, 
 CMKM Diamonds, Inc. has recently received several boxes of corporate 
 records revealing evidence not previously known to new management. 
 CEO Kevin West states, “In response to this new information, I 
 have asked Bill Frizzell to file suit in Nevada against some former 
 Company insiders in an effort to attach some assets that I believe belong 
 to the Company. Our investigation suggests that there may be legal action 
 in the future against additional parties.”

 The Company filed the lawsuit and a request for a Temporary Restraining 
 Order in Nevada state court on Wednesday, 4-25-07. The restraining 
 order was granted on Monday, 4-30-07. The lawsuit and all attachments 
 can now be viewed on the corporate website at 

 Mr. West addresses all CMKM shareholders: “I cannot 
 adequately express the gratitude I have towards the entire CMKM 
 community for their resolve and support of our collective search for the 
 truth. Our best chance of restoring value to the shareholders, as well as 
 achieving some measure of justice, is represented by our current legal 
 action. CMKM is fortunate to have such a significant shareholder base 
 with a large number of passionate and resourceful individuals supporting 
 our course of action.  We are confident and optimistic that our goals are 
 realistic and obtainable.”

 Shareholders have been inquiring how the Company can expect to 
 maintain operations and fund legal efforts given the present shortage of 
 assets and an outstanding share count of over 703 billion shares. These 
 are legitimate questions. In response, at this time we present an overview 
 of the Company’s present objectives (with more details to be 
 outlined in future communications). 

 The near-term focus of management will be to take action in pursuit of the 
 following goals:

      Find lost / misappropriated Company funds, and return them to the 
      Locate those who have wronged the shareholders, recover assets 
      from them, and if appropriate, their insurers;
      Thoroughly evaluate all pending contracts and current legal 
      obligations to expedite the Company’s return to trading.

 In the first of two CEO updates on 4/18/07, Mr. West mentioned an 
 ongoing investigation by attorney Bill Frizzell “into the sale of bulk 
 certs.” To this subject, Mr. West now adds, “We have 
 evidence of the attempt by at least one specific large brokerage firm to 
 purchase for itself, rather than simply transfer, such certificates. 
 However, we will have an expert examining several suspect 

 All attorneys hired by CMKM Diamonds, Inc. have been instructed to 
 respond only to the Company and the Frizzell Law Firm. Responding 
 directly to shareholder inquiries does not presently represent the 
 productive use of their time. Please support these directions given to the 
 Company attorneys by not making any attempts to contact them.

 The Company intends to keep shareholders informed through the 
 corporate website as events occur.

 Safe Harbor Statement: 
 This news release contains certain "forward-looking statements" within the 
 meaning of Section 27a of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21e of 
 the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. Although the Company believes the 
 expectations reflected in such forward-looking statements are reasonable, 
 it can provide no assurance that actual results will meet or exceed such 


 Kevin West
 CMKM Diamonds Inc., 
 615 S. Broadway
 Tyler, TX 75701 


    CMKM Diamonds CEO Addresses All 
 Shareholders of Current Status

 April 20, 2007

 Las Vegas, Nevada. “Dear fellow shareholders, I have information 
 to share with you today that came to my attention just days ago. I received
 a delivery of several boxes of corporate records in the last couple weeks 
 that have confirmed my very worst fears. In response to this new 
 information, various legal actions will be a priority as we move to protect 
 the best interests of shareholders. We were not able to finalize these 
 necessary actions today as we had expected. We will put out another 
 press release by mid next week to update you on this progress.

 When I first accepted the position of Interim CEO, I made a promise to 
 myself and my family and friends that if I found there was not a real plan in 
 place for the benefit of all shareholders, then I would come forward with 
 the information I found.  Not only am I going to share this information with 
 you, the shareholders, but will do everything in my power to make sure 
 that these individuals and entities will never be able to harm others in this 
 same way again.

 The CEO continues, “When I started to work for CMKM in 
 September of last year, I had high hopes and aspirations of making 
 positive changes and forward progress in the evolution of this Company. 
 Like so many of you, I believed that there was a plan in place that could 
 not be revealed for one reason or another. However, after many months 
 of failed promises, it was clear there was not a plan and no forward 
 progress for our Company would ever happen until massive changes were 

 “In early January of this year, I contacted Bill Frizzell for his help. 
 Within less than a week, Bill flew out to Las Vegas on his own time and 
 expense with one goal in mind, to
 help me help the shareholders. Since that time, many changes have taken 
 place up to and including the resignation of the former Chairman. Several 
 days ago, the Company requested and has received several boxes of 
 Company documents from an attorney that has held said records in 
 safekeeping. These documents are very revealing and tell the story of what 
 has taken place over the last several years. Had Bill Frizzell not acted 
 quickly in response to my call, Our Company would have been forced into 
 bankruptcy, essentially burying the evidence forever. As legal action 
 proceeds, many of these documents will be made available for everyone 
 to see on our Company website at 

 Current Status of Company

 As of March 29th 2007, the Company had 3 pending lawsuits, a Wells 
 Notice from the SEC that was supposed to have been answered by 
 March 9, 2007 (of which current management was totally unaware, until 
 an official at the SEC contacted them on 4-10-07), and ongoing 
 investigations by at least four government agencies. In addition there is 
 documentation showing the forfeiture of all claims and mineral rights, no 
 corporate records for the past 4 ½ years of business and taxes that have 
 never been filed. The only tangible asset is a 45 million share certificate of 
 Entourage Mining stock.

 Current Actions

 Since the Company has no available operating capital, Bill Frizzell has 
 agreed to shoulder the current legal expenses. In order to handle the 
 monstrous legal task at hand, Bill Frizzell has also agreed to interview, hire 
 and direct a legal team that is now made up of several law firms from 
 across the country.  Because of the possibility of recoverable assets being 
 brought back into the company, Bill is also hiring forensic specialists and 
 professionals to file back tax returns, investigate past trading 
 discrepancies, move the domicile of the company out of Nevada and audit 
 the books, for the purpose of building a strong foundation to finally move 
 our Company forward.

 As mentioned previously, the Company is in receipt of a Wells Notice 
 from the Security and Exchange Commission. The Company is currently in 
 direct communication with the SEC and is cooperating fully with their 
 investigation. Copies of documents recently provided to the Company as 
 well as confidentiality waivers of former Company attorneys that are 
 waiting to talk to the SEC are being provided as requested.

 The Company has recently halted the transfer of a large bulk certificate to 
 a major brokerage firm from a third party. A specialist will be hired to 
 completely research and investigate both sides of this transaction along 
 with the many recent transactions of possible insider sales of large bulk 

 Rumors of trust accounts with money and other assets that have been 
 established for the benefit of shareholders or rumors of dividends to be 
 paid to shareholders are absolutely not true. Those that are demanding the 
 Company to pay out monies held for shareholders are feeding off of this 
 false information. Rumors that our Company was set up as a sting on the 
 markets are false. Any rumor that has not been identified by this press 
 release should be considered to be untrue. The Company will only provide 
 information to shareholders through an official press release on Business 
 Wire or on the Company website at www.CMKMdiamondsinc.com. 

 Outlook for the Future

 West continues, “I am 100% confident that no matter how things 
 may look today, as a united front, we can rebuild this Company. We have 
 to once again unite as shareholders to begin to make positive strides 
 forward. As you can well imagine, there will be an even greater influence 
 to try and divide us at this time, we have to become so united that nothing 
 can stop us”.

 “Once we have cleaned up our current legal matters, add value 
 back into the Company and have prepared financials to be audited, it will 
 be my intent to assemble a Corporate Governance and Nominating 
 Committee made up of shareholders to locate, interview and recommend 
 the most highly qualified Board of Directors to lead this Company back to 
 trading and into the future”.

 “I want to remind everyone that there are two ways to look at the 
 above information. We can look at everything in despair and believe that 
 there is no hope for the future of our Company, or we can quickly put the 
 past behind us and know that we can now move forward and build a 
 brand new Company, one that already has 40,000 - 60,000 shareholders, 
 into something wonderful. This shareholder base is, and has always been, 
 our strongest and most valuable asset. That said, I suggest that WE, as 
 shareholders, choose to look forward with hope, strength and 
 determination to build this shareholder base into a solid company.

 Safe Harbor Statement:

 This news release contains certain "forward-looking statements" within the 
 meaning of Section 27a of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21e of 
 the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. Although the Company believes the 
 expectations reflected in such forward-looking statements are reasonable, 
 it can provide no assurance that actual results will meet or exceed such 


 Kevin West
 CMKM Diamonds Inc., 
 615 S. Broadway
 Tyler, TX 75701 


    CMKM Diamonds, Inc. Provides 
 Information Update to Shareholders

 April 5, 2007 

 CMKM Diamonds, Inc. has obtained office space at 615 South 
 Broadway (2nd floor) in Tyler, Texas.  Phones, a fax line and internet 
 service will be operational next week. 

 The Company has instructed its current transfer agent, 1st Global Stock 
 Transfer, LLC, to stop any further transfer or issuance of CMKM 
 Diamonds, Inc. stock effective immediately. We have begun the process 
 of a formal shareholder audit. The Company will be contracting with 
 various third parties to assist with this very important audit.

 The Company has instructed the law offices of Moran and Associates to 
 cease any and all legal work on behalf of CMKM Diamonds until further 

 At this time, the Company has elected not to have a designated person in 
 charge of investor relations.  The Company will be releasing information 
 through official press releases composed by active management. The 
 Company has begun the construction of a website at 
 www.CMKMdiamondsinc.com to further communicate with 
 shareholders. The Company will use this website for posting of all 
 documents and official court filings. 

 “I want to wish all of our shareholders a Happy Easter and I 
 sincerely hope that everyone will spend time with their families during this 
 holiday weekend”.  CEO Kevin West continues, “Rest 
 assured that we are working daily on the company affairs. We will be 
 providing another press release next week as our progress 

 Safe Harbor Statement: 

 This news release contains certain "forward-looking statements" within the 
 meaning of Section 27a of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21e of 
 the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. Although the Company believes the 
 expectations reflected in such forward-looking statements are reasonable, 
 it can provide no assurance that actual results will meet or exceed such 

 Kevin West
 CMKM Diamonds Inc., 
 615 S. Broadway
 Tyler, TX 75701


    CMKM Diamonds, Inc Hires Frizzell 
 Law Firm to Start the Process of 
 Recovering Assets 

 March 30, 2007 

 in receipt of the Shareholder Derivative Rights Demand letter that was 
 prepared on behalf of the shareholders by Bill Frizzell. We are currently 
 investigating many facts that will help us decide the best order of filing 
 lawsuits in a quest to recover monies and assets that belong to the 
 shareholders of this Company.

 The first order of new business was to hire the Frizzell Law Firm. The 
 investigations conducted by the firm have uncovered many facts which 
 have revealed the reasons for the issues that the Company now faces. 
 The Company expects the first suit to be filed against two individuals. This 
 suit is only the first of many suits that are being prepared. The details of 
 these suits will be made available once they are filed. 

 “It is my understanding that these first two lawsuits will be filed in 
 Las Vegas before the end of the day”. Mr. West continued, 
 “I have known and worked with Bill Frizzell and know, beyond a 
 shadow of doubt, that his full intent has always been to work on behalf of 
 the best interests of the CMKM shareholders. I am excited and honored 
 to have his help”.

 The Frizzell Law firm has hired Las Vegas attorney George Cromer as 
 local counsel to file these first two lawsuits on behalf of the Company. Los 
 Angeles attorney, Al Hodges, will be assisting the legal team as it 

 Safe Harbor Statement: 

 This news release contains certain "forward-looking statements" within the 
 meaning of Section 27a of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21e of 
 the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. Although the Company believes the 
 expectations reflected in such forward-looking statements are reasonable, 
 it can provide no assurance that actual results will meet or exceed such 


    CMKM Diamonds, Inc Announces a 
 Change in Directors

 March 30, 2007 

 LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)—On March 29, 2007, Urban 
 Casavant stepped down as Chairman of the Board, sole Director, 
 President, Secretary and Treasurer of CMKM Diamonds, Inc. 
 “My health issues are forcing my resignation, but I believe that I 
 have finally found the right man to take over at the helm”, stated 
 Mr. Casavant. “Mr. West has proven his tenacity along with his 
 care and concern for the shareholders of this company over and over 
 again through an extremely difficult time. I want to thank you all for your 
 continued loyalty and trust in spite of no news coming from the company 
 for extremely long periods”, continued Mr. Casavant.

 Before resigning, Mr. Casavant appointed then current Interim CEO, 
 Kevin West, to Chairman of the Board. “I want to thank Urban for 
 having the trust and the faith in me to turn over the reigns of the Company 
 so that I can have the authority needed to make decisions in the best 
 interests of the shareholders. During the last several months, I have faced 
 many challenges as have all of you. My ability to communicate was 
 hindered which caused me much grief and frustration. That is all behind us 
 now, and the communication issues have been eliminated. I want to 
 personally thank Bill Frizzell for his unyielding efforts towards protecting 
 the rights of the shareholders of this company.” 

 West continues, “I look forward to the coming weeks and months 
 ahead, as WE the Shareholders finally move forward together. More 
 information to begin immediately.”

 Safe Harbor Statement: 

 This news release contains certain "forward-looking statements" within the 
 meaning of Section 27a of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21e of 
 the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. Although the Company believes the 
 expectations reflected in such forward-looking statements are reasonable, 
 it can provide no assurance that actual results will meet or exceed such 



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